A quarantine tale.

A quarantine tale:
Staying in was hard at first. Not meeting my friends every now and then, eating street food with them and going to the movies with my family are some things that i started to miss. After a few days, i found things to distract myself with like movies, writing and ofc music.

Then began the talent hunt. Everybody was suddenly displaying their talent on social media whether it was cooking or singing. Dalgona coffee became “a new trend of 2020”.

In all the caos i saw people finding themselves and finding things to do and to get through this. I personally never thought i would play badminton like i used to when i was little but here i am doing just that. I see people everday smiling together, surviving together.

Covid-19 may be a national pandemic but it’s also the only thing that made it all possible. It brought many families together, helped people in finding themselves and gave some people the much needed break that they deserved. I am not saying i am happy that this virus came. Ofcourse not. It has taken many lives and it is continuing to but i am glad that people are fighting through this together and they have showed that whatever problem comes upon us we will survive through it with a smile on aur face and prayers on our lips.

I hope that this all ends soon and people who are suffering can be free to go to their homes.

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