Hostel days :)

Someone once said that “you don’t realize the importance of something until it’s gone” and today i realised that it’s true because i miss my hostel, my friends and all the stupidity that we did together in those 8 months.

I still remember the day when our parents were waving us goodbye until the next time we meet. That night, i was sleeping peacefully until 2 idiots started making noises and woke me up because they thought that there was a ghost as they saw the bathroom door moving and after what felt like an eternity we finally went to sleep with a goddess’s picture in front of us.

Our room consisted of 4 beds and three and a half people. Half because the 4th person kept on changing. You see, we never had a permanent 4th roommate which was the main reason for warden aunty’s constant visits to our room with different people every now and then.

From dancing in our room with people from other rooms to dancing on the terrace, we have practically danced everywhere. Playing dumb charades was a daily night routine. Irritating every person i know was what i took pride in. Maggi and pasta every other night was our 2nd dinner of the day.

When a certain girl shifted in a room few doors down from ours, it was like i had changed my room and my roommates had to drag me back to our room so that others can sleep.

Standing on the balcony and looking at people passing by or staring at the house in front of us and making assumptions became our evening thing.

We started (or atleast tried to) making vlogs of our night time stroll around the building and while going to the college thinking that someday these videos might make us famous but instead ended up in our mobile galleries as memories to remember.

The famous Chai Thikana was our saviour from hostel’s गुण wali chai. God knows how many hours we have spent just sitting there, sipping on a khulhad of chai and chatting.

I remember sitting in my room when suddenly someone screams “happy birthday!” and i wondered which room could the voice be coming from and then finding out in the morning.

I remember how happy we were when we came to know about the “sunday special” lunch in the beginning and just couldn’t wait for sundays to arrive. Little did we know that every sunday special was the same! ( then we just couldn’t wait for sundays to pass by). Not marking attendance on the night register always resulted in us getting scolded by the warden aunty.

That place, those people were my home away from home. Yes, we fought a lot too but that just made our bond stronger. Whether it was helping me to put on eyeliner, going with me to drink chai or for a walk to the nearby garden, even if they don’t want to or telling me to stay away from certain people, they were always by my side and i couldn’t be more gratelful to them. For these precious memories which i can’t forget even if i wanted to.

I have to admit that i have done some pretty dumb and awesome shit that i never thought i would do in my entire existence but without doing them, hostel life would have been incomplete so i have no regrets. If i could, i would do them all over again without changing a single thing.

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