10 years of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Just like its name suggests, this movie is full of moments that make you believe that indeed you only live once. This film is more than a film; it is an emotional roller coaster experience that will either make you doubt your way of life or make you want to start over.

ZNMD has a significance that some people may not understand, and I am one of them. I watch this film whenever I need a good laugh or miss the good old friendship-based films. But what I got out of it was that it was telling us to let go. Let go of all the fears we’ve been holding on to, let go of any hasty decisions we may or may not have made, and start over. Let go of everything that’s preventing us from achieving our goal.

By facing their concerns together and being there for each other, the three friends in the film helped each other overcome their fears. Each of them was fighting their internal struggles, which they eventually overcame by the end of the film. I understand that the screen and the actual world are two different worlds, but these films are made to help us realize our anxieties, hesitations, and missed opportunities so that one day we will be brave enough to put a stop to them all. Because facing something is the only way to overcome it.

Here is my favorite line from Sooraj ki baahon me song of this movie:

Paate hum hai zindagi ik baar, kyun na kare khul k hum isko pyaar

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