112 emergency app.

India has become one of the most unsafe country for women and children. Every daughter of India is scared and many Indians are ashamed to be a part of this nation. Now, we can’t just remove this fear of safety from people’s heart altogether but we can help to contribute in erasing it, bit by bit.

For helping and safe keeping of people, the government of India has created an app named 112 India. It’s India’s all-in-one emergency helpline which was launched by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in 16 States and Union Territories.

The 112 emergency helpline number would provide immediate assistance to services like police (100), fire (101), health (108), Women’s safety (1090) and child protection.

It has been developed in the following 16 States and Union Territories but will gradually be developed in other states as well :

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Uttarakhand
  • Punjab
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Telangana
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Gujarat
  • Puducherry
  • Lakshadweep
  • Andaman
  • Dadar and Nagar Haveli
  • Daman and Diu
  • Jammu and Kashmir

112 India’s main purpose is to keep women and children of India safe and sound. To provide them a safe space and a helping hand whenever they are in any kind of danger or in the time of an emergency.

Some special features of this app are:

  • Panic call :

    For smartphones: In any emergency situation, you need to press the power button three times quickly on your smartphones to activate a panic call to the Emergency Response Centre (ERC).

    For normal phones: You need to long press number ‘5’ or ‘9’ to activate a panic call through your normal phones.

  • Emergency complaints can be logged online.

The emergency services can also be accessed online by logging on to the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) website. On the ERSS website, you can either send an emergency email or send an SOS alert to the Emergency Report Centre (ERC)

  • It provides a special ‘SHOUT’ feature for women and children, which alerts registered volunteers close to the victim for immediate assistance.

Now no father will be scared for his daughter and wife’s safety anymore. No mother will be shedding tears over the deadbody of her daughter. The crime rates in India will finally go down and all the people of India can live in peace, all due to 112 India.

Bitter endings and better beginnings.

A very happy new year to everyone! As it’s officially 1st January 2020, i thought i would start the first year of the next decade by doing what i like and that’s writing.

In the past 10 years of the last decade i saw a lot of people posting stuff like “saying goodbye to all toxic people” and “2019 was learning, 2020 let’s do this” on the last day of the year and every year i had this question in my mind “what’s the reason behind this? ” and today i have found the answer. It felt like to me that every year a little bit of humanity was dying and so the people were changing in such a way that they had to post stuff like that. They were more focused into social media than they ever have and the want of not socializing with people in real anymore due to netflix and stuff is what caused this. People started to like living this reel life and stopped living in real life. So naturally, these type of people started calling other people toxic just because they had a very different definition of “living”.

So i would like to say to all the people around the world let’s make this 2020 a little more productive, let’s watch more sunsets than netflix, let’s spend more time and efforts towards building a better relationship with friends and family and do what makes us happy. Ride a bike, read a book, watch something(even big boss), get a job, go for shopping, become whatever you want, do whatever the hell your heart tells you to do if it brings you joy.

Let’s just stay happy and healthy and make this year the best one ever. Here’s to hoping that all your wishes and dreams come true this 2020. With love, a happy new year.

Cheers to a bitter ending but a better beginning!

What would i think?

The fear of ‘what would the society think? ‘ is felt by almost everybody these days. Those people think of the society first before doing something because “oh! What would the society say if i do this? ” is the question that pops in their head. And the answer is-

The society won’t say anthing but judge you. The society thinks it’s their job to determine what people should do and make them feel like they are not enough and that they need to think a 100 times before doing something. And then they (society) say ‘i wonder why is today’s youth so depressed ‘.

You don’t have to think about the society if you know what you are doing is right. Don’t have to worry about the judging eyes of the people around you if your family supports you.

I am not telling you to make rash decisions because you don’t give a damn about the society. No, think twice before taking a decision, think about the consequences of that decisions, think about how much happiness it would bring to you, how it will affect you and others affected by you and then do it.

Don’t live under the peer pressure of the society. It’s your life, not society’s.


Classroom. A classroom is a place where 60 strangers of every caste and religion sit together. When i was in school, my classroom used to be my happy and favourite place in the whole school. My classmates were like my family. Even the absolute unknowns somehow made me feel better. It was the most comfortable place for me, a place where i can be myself. It was the people of my class that made me want to go to school everyday. I still remember how excited i used to get while thinking about seeing those familiar faces the next day.

Still remeber how the last bench loafers used to get scolded by every teacher that came in.

Still remember the toppers aka the first benchers talking in hushed tones so that they can maintain the discipline.

Still remember how my friends used to annoy me all day long.

Still remember sharing and eating the lunchboxes in that same class while it rained outside.

Still remember fighting for the window seat so i can look outside when the lecture get’s too boring (that was my escape lol) .

Still remember the not so funny jokes of the teachers.

Still remember how everybody used to laugh together.

One class and a million memories and a million ways in which i miss ’em every single day.

I hope that i will be able to get as comfortable with my new class as i was with my old one.

To all my classmates, i miss you guys so bad! Let’s plan a reunion soon.

Here comes the train.

When i was a little kid, i loved travelling in trains and watching as a train passed by, hoping to sit in one soon with my family. Now it feels like a normal thing to do. I used to watch all the people that passed by with such fascination that my parents had to shake me and bring me out of my ‘staring’ state. Today as i sit here waiting for my train to arrive (which has been delayed) i see a little boy sitting on his mom’s lap and laughing with joy when his dad bought chocolate for him as a parting gift.

2 mothers talking on their phone asking if their kids are fine (i am not eavesdropping okay?)

A lot of people are on their phone playing a game or doing something while waiting for the train to arrive.

A brother and sister duo watching a movie together .

My sister sitting beside an aunty who keeps staring at me (idk why)

Beside me is a man reading a book with such concentration which got me thinking that he could’ve passed my 12th for me.

And here i am feeling like a little kid again, observing people with my earplugs in and music blasting through them while i write this blog . I am glad to feel this way again, like a kid. The past month has made me feel like too much of a grown up so this experience was very much needed. Oh and here comes the train!

Let’s keep travelling and keep this feeling alive yeah?

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Since it’s yeh jawaani hai deewani season(or month), i thought i may as well write what i thought of the movie and what i actually learned from it.

I don’t have anything else to write so bear with me please.

Yeh jawaani hai deewani is one of my favourite bollywood movie and i can watch it a 100 times and so can 90 percent of the Indian population. Bollywood won our hearts the day they gave us Bunny, Naina, Avinash and Aditi. Their story has truly inspired me. What i learnt from the movie is that family is very important and that family is above everybody and everything. Our parents always want what’s best for us and they want to see their kids become successful at whatever they choose to do or whoever they decide to become. The second thing is friends who become family. Finding such friends is incredibly hard but once found, they are the best thing that could have happened to us. I hope that someday i will find 3 idiot yet caring and loving friends like Bunny, Avi and Aditi (assuming that i am Naina in my story) with whom i can be my annoying self . You know what else i learned from YJHD? Loving yourself. Which is one of the most important thing in the world.

The last thing that i learned from this movie is following your heart and chasing your dreams. Bunny always knew that he wanted to travel the world and so he made the efforts and did what he loved. Let’s promise that we will always follow our heart and do what makes us happy, regardless of what othere think.

A small tribute to Kabir Thapar who taught us so much. You will always be in our hearts.

Living the right life.

Viru Sahastrabudhhe said that life is a race. If you don’t run fast enough, then people will walk all over you. He was absolutely right because life is a race and the people running in it are unaware of it. Those are the people who are always striving to be the best or to find the best of everything. And you know what happens if they don’t get the best of everything ? They stop running. While there are some people who are aware of the running but still decide to take a stroll every once in a while. They are the kind of people who are living the right life. I know people are always taught to strive for the best in every situation but there are some people who don’t and they are getting by just fine. My point is be the person who you want to be. Don’t listen to anyone besides yourself and never ever let anyone walk over you because you hold the power of stopping anyone who does. Decide wisely who you want in your life and who you don’t. Love your family and friends but first of all love yourself and create the best version of the life that you always wanted.

Let’s live right and not the best life.