10 years of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Just like its name suggests, this movie is full of moments that make you believe that indeed you only live once. This film is more than a film; it is an emotional roller coaster experience that will either make you doubt your way of life or make you want to start over.

ZNMD has a significance that some people may not understand, and I am one of them. I watch this film whenever I need a good laugh or miss the good old friendship-based films. But what I got out of it was that it was telling us to let go. Let go of all the fears we’ve been holding on to, let go of any hasty decisions we may or may not have made, and start over. Let go of everything that’s preventing us from achieving our goal.

By facing their concerns together and being there for each other, the three friends in the film helped each other overcome their fears. Each of them was fighting their internal struggles, which they eventually overcame by the end of the film. I understand that the screen and the actual world are two different worlds, but these films are made to help us realize our anxieties, hesitations, and missed opportunities so that one day we will be brave enough to put a stop to them all. Because facing something is the only way to overcome it.

Here is my favorite line from Sooraj ki baahon me song of this movie:

Paate hum hai zindagi ik baar, kyun na kare khul k hum isko pyaar


Hostel days :)

Someone once said that “you don’t realize the importance of something until it’s gone” and today i realised that it’s true because i miss my hostel, my friends and all the stupidity that we did together in those 8 months.

I still remember the day when our parents were waving us goodbye until the next time we meet. That night, i was sleeping peacefully until 2 idiots started making noises and woke me up because they thought that there was a ghost as they saw the bathroom door moving and after what felt like an eternity we finally went to sleep with a goddess’s picture in front of us.

Our room consisted of 4 beds and three and a half people. Half because the 4th person kept on changing. You see, we never had a permanent 4th roommate which was the main reason for warden aunty’s constant visits to our room with different people every now and then.

From dancing in our room with people from other rooms to dancing on the terrace, we have practically danced everywhere. Playing dumb charades was a daily night routine. Irritating every person i know was what i took pride in. Maggi and pasta every other night was our 2nd dinner of the day.

When a certain girl shifted in a room few doors down from ours, it was like i had changed my room and my roommates had to drag me back to our room so that others can sleep.

Standing on the balcony and looking at people passing by or staring at the house in front of us and making assumptions became our evening thing.

We started (or atleast tried to) making vlogs of our night time stroll around the building and while going to the college thinking that someday these videos might make us famous but instead ended up in our mobile galleries as memories to remember.

The famous Chai Thikana was our saviour from hostel’s गुण wali chai. God knows how many hours we have spent just sitting there, sipping on a khulhad of chai and chatting.

I remember sitting in my room when suddenly someone screams “happy birthday!” and i wondered which room could the voice be coming from and then finding out in the morning.

I remember how happy we were when we came to know about the “sunday special” lunch in the beginning and just couldn’t wait for sundays to arrive. Little did we know that every sunday special was the same! ( then we just couldn’t wait for sundays to pass by). Not marking attendance on the night register always resulted in us getting scolded by the warden aunty.

That place, those people were my home away from home. Yes, we fought a lot too but that just made our bond stronger. Whether it was helping me to put on eyeliner, going with me to drink chai or for a walk to the nearby garden, even if they don’t want to or telling me to stay away from certain people, they were always by my side and i couldn’t be more gratelful to them. For these precious memories which i can’t forget even if i wanted to.

I have to admit that i have done some pretty dumb and awesome shit that i never thought i would do in my entire existence but without doing them, hostel life would have been incomplete so i have no regrets. If i could, i would do them all over again without changing a single thing.

Happy ending.

It feels great to watch a movie with a happy ending doesnt it? To feel that satisfaction in your heart when the movie characters finally end up together. I used to think that how nice life would have been if it was a movie.

If only we all had a fairy godmother to solve all our problems.

If we had a trusting psychologist like Dr. Jehangir khan who could teach us lessons which no teacher ever could.

If we had friends like Arjun, Kabir and Imraan who could helps us in overcoming our fears.

If we could be as confident as Geet and say “mein apni favourite hu”.

If it was as easy to find love as Krish and Ananya.

If we could chase our dreams like Kabir Thapar did.

But sadly life doesn’t work like that. We all have to go through some ups and downs to learn the way of life. We all have to go through some experiences which makes us stronger and ready to face new challenges in life.

We all have to face some betrayals to truly know who is our friend and who is not, to know whether that person is worthy of our trust or not.

We all have to work hard and fall down a few times to earn our happy ending because

Life is neither a movie nor a fairytale.

A quarantine tale.

A quarantine tale:
Staying in was hard at first. Not meeting my friends every now and then, eating street food with them and going to the movies with my family are some things that i started to miss. After a few days, i found things to distract myself with like movies, writing and ofc music.

Then began the talent hunt. Everybody was suddenly displaying their talent on social media whether it was cooking or singing. Dalgona coffee became “a new trend of 2020”.

In all the caos i saw people finding themselves and finding things to do and to get through this. I personally never thought i would play badminton like i used to when i was little but here i am doing just that. I see people everday smiling together, surviving together.

Covid-19 may be a national pandemic but it’s also the only thing that made it all possible. It brought many families together, helped people in finding themselves and gave some people the much needed break that they deserved. I am not saying i am happy that this virus came. Ofcourse not. It has taken many lives and it is continuing to but i am glad that people are fighting through this together and they have showed that whatever problem comes upon us we will survive through it with a smile on aur face and prayers on our lips.

I hope that this all ends soon and people who are suffering can be free to go to their homes.

Stop pretending.

I have tried so hard to be kind but all i get in return is hurt blind.

I always try to show my real side, the true me but they still sting me like a bee.

They would prefer me to be fake than real anyday. No thanks, i am done and i am okay.

For all the people who are pretending to be someone they are not, wakeup and stop being someone’s afterthought.

I am an idiot.

Hey guys. What’s up? My name is Pranjal Rijhwani and i am an idiot. You wanna know why? Here you go:

I am an idiot for trusting a lot of people who didn’t deserve my trust.

I am an idiot for giving my 100 percent to everyone.

I am an idiot for calling people my best friend when i don’t even mean it.

I am an idiot for choosing to ignore my mistakes and not learning from them.

I an an idiot for listening to my heart instead of my brain.

I am an idiot for always being fully honest to people.

I am an idiot for always wanting the best for everyone.

I am an idiot for letting my emotions take over in situations which could lead to me getting in trouble.

I am an idiot for wanting “real friends”.

I am an idiot because i expect too much from people and then get dissapointed when things don’t go the way they were supposed to.

I am an idiot because i think too much and my dreams are too big.

But i think being an idiot is what makes me human. It’s humanity in purest form. At first i thought it was funny to be an idiot but it’s not. It’s actually really exhausting and i am done being one. Tbh becoming an idiot like me is normal. I am sure it happens to everyone but what’s important is that you remember to move on, to stop being an idiot.

The world needs some idiot to make others realise that they are not and then move on.

If you have done the things that i have then you are an idiot too and it’s not something to be ashamed of. Welcome to the family and let’s try to, not be idiots, together.

Being pretty is not easy.

Being pretty is not easy.

A girl who is pretty is always assumed to have a boyfriend even if she doesn’t.

A girl who is pretty never gets good friends because guys don’t want to be just her “friends” and girls are too jealous to be her friend.

Parents are always worried about her because she is pretty which is apparently a cause for their concern.

She’s judged even if she is not showing any skin because she is pretty remember?

She’s assumed to be dumb because a pretty girl can’t have a brain right?

Due to things like these, girls can’t even live their life properly. They forget how pretty they really are because of all the judgements and hatred they get from people whom they dont even know.

They become lost and start doubting themselves all because of some pathetic losers who weren’t confident enough to be with those girls and be happy for them.

Some pretty girls out there have lost their faith in love because of this. They are scared to love and to be loved because being pretty isn’t good or easy.

Well, my message to every girl is that don’t lose yourself because of somebody’s judgements. People are always going to say something whether you are pretty or not and perfect or not.

It’s okay to be pretty and to be you. It’s okay to be imperfect too.

With hope that this msg will hit some hearts and change some lives,

your friend forever.


Coronavirus is spreading and so is fear inside us. A lot of people are still roaming on the streets and chilling in the cafes with their friends like everything is normal. Well, let me tell you something. It’s not! Your birthday parties can wait, meetings with friends can wait. After this tough time passes you will have all your life for chilling with your friends. Let’s not do things that will make us regret not listening to government’s advice and orders and not taking the necessary measures. After a while when all this will be over, we all will be able to look back and think “we were strong, we all did this together! We were able fight this virus because each one of us contributed something for it and now we’re free”.

You can watch movies, talk to your family, or friends (you do have mobiles so make use of technology, it’s made for time like these!). Paint, sing, dance, write, do whatever you want because you have all the time in the world!

So let’s stay safe inside our houses, take required measures and stand together for janta curfew on 22nd march with Prime Minister Narendra Modi so that we can be free and the infected can go their home soon too.

112 emergency app.

India has become one of the most unsafe country for women and children. Every daughter of India is scared and many Indians are ashamed to be a part of this nation. Now, we can’t just remove this fear of safety from people’s heart altogether but we can help to contribute in erasing it, bit by bit.

For helping and safe keeping of people, the government of India has created an app named 112 India. It’s India’s all-in-one emergency helpline which was launched by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in 16 States and Union Territories.

The 112 emergency helpline number would provide immediate assistance to services like police (100), fire (101), health (108), Women’s safety (1090) and child protection.

It has been developed in the following 16 States and Union Territories but will gradually be developed in other states as well :

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Uttarakhand
  • Punjab
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Telangana
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Gujarat
  • Puducherry
  • Lakshadweep
  • Andaman
  • Dadar and Nagar Haveli
  • Daman and Diu
  • Jammu and Kashmir

112 India’s main purpose is to keep women and children of India safe and sound. To provide them a safe space and a helping hand whenever they are in any kind of danger or in the time of an emergency.

Some special features of this app are:

  • Panic call :

    For smartphones: In any emergency situation, you need to press the power button three times quickly on your smartphones to activate a panic call to the Emergency Response Centre (ERC).

    For normal phones: You need to long press number ‘5’ or ‘9’ to activate a panic call through your normal phones.

  • Emergency complaints can be logged online.

The emergency services can also be accessed online by logging on to the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) website. On the ERSS website, you can either send an emergency email or send an SOS alert to the Emergency Report Centre (ERC)

  • It provides a special ‘SHOUT’ feature for women and children, which alerts registered volunteers close to the victim for immediate assistance.

Now no father will be scared for his daughter and wife’s safety anymore. No mother will be shedding tears over the deadbody of her daughter. The crime rates in India will finally go down and all the people of India can live in peace, all due to 112 India.

Bitter endings and better beginnings.

A very happy new year to everyone! As it’s officially 1st January 2020, i thought i would start the first year of the next decade by doing what i like and that’s writing.

In the past 10 years of the last decade i saw a lot of people posting stuff like “saying goodbye to all toxic people” and “2019 was learning, 2020 let’s do this” on the last day of the year and every year i had this question in my mind “what’s the reason behind this? ” and today i have found the answer. It felt like to me that every year a little bit of humanity was dying and so the people were changing in such a way that they had to post stuff like that. They were more focused into social media than they ever have and the want of not socializing with people in real anymore due to netflix and stuff is what caused this. People started to like living this reel life and stopped living in real life. So naturally, these type of people started calling other people toxic just because they had a very different definition of “living”.

So i would like to say to all the people around the world let’s make this 2020 a little more productive, let’s watch more sunsets than netflix, let’s spend more time and efforts towards building a better relationship with friends and family and do what makes us happy. Ride a bike, read a book, watch something(even big boss), get a job, go for shopping, become whatever you want, do whatever the hell your heart tells you to do if it brings you joy.

Let’s just stay happy and healthy and make this year the best one ever. Here’s to hoping that all your wishes and dreams come true this 2020. With love, a happy new year.

Cheers to a bitter ending but a better beginning!